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Web Designing At Flash Academy

Web Designing is an integral and significant part of the IT industry. Today, it is a promising career option. Web design services are being applied in almost every walk of life, as in industries, business, education.

Our Course Module :

  • HTML Tags, Elements, Attributes, Lists, Images
  • Links, Colors, iframe, Table, Form, Editor(Notepad++)
  • CSS, syntax, selectors, Box Model, Working on Layouts
  • Javascript, Form Validation, Use of Jquery in a webpage
  • Netbeans IDE and XAMPP Server
  • Creating Project in Netbeans
  • MySQL, Creating database tables, Insert, Select, Update, Delete query
  • Exporting and importing database
  • Working on PHP
  • Designing Website Banners, templates, Social Media Add using Photoshop
  • Working on Live Project
  • Uploading Project on Server